Cricket Strategy

1. Know The Match Pitch

All grounds are different so look at past performance and read a map.

2. Keep An Eye On Important Players

Just as there is horses for courses, follow batsmen and bowlers that do well at particular grounds and are in form

3. Estimate A  Score

Use available free statistics to create a outline of the game and see what score the batsmen may score on the ground of the match. This information should then be used to see how the game will play out

4. Game Plan

All teams will have some form of strategy. Bear this in mind when approaching a game as this can guide you in trading plans. IE if a team like to play conservatively at the beginning of an innings, ramping up the play later on, then there is a likely to be bigger odds which may well fall in price as the runs start coming.

5. Splitting The Investment

It is a good idea to split your stakes and drip feed them into a market to minimise loses. For example since wickets move markets and you are expecting a wicket soon, then it is better to slowly put your money in just in case there is a barrage of big hits and scores that can be costly. 

General Approach To Cricket Betting

A: T20 cricket is settling down and general form is becoming reliable, therefore , do not panic.

B: Trading is better than betting. When betting you are usually all in this can work against you so try trading as this minimise losses and you wont win as much as you would if you went ‘all in’. 

C: Do not let prices change you general strategy. If you play a certain way and you research gives you an opportunity at good odds do not change the strategy because the odds are better than you first thought. Likewise if the odds you were inspecting are worst than you thought leave alone. Value is king!.

D: Back the favourite as it will give you better trading options.

E: Use reports for entertainment. Remember writers and pundits are there to entertain so do not be swayed by their ‘stories’.

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