Lottery Systems

The lottery can be systemised and here a few lottery system to help you if you cannot make your mind up on your numbers.

Hot Numbers:

The theory is that if numbers are coming out regular over a short period then these should be backed as they are in a ‘hot’ zone. Ultimately that run will end so each week you should re-evaluate what is the latest hot number and chase those.

Cold Numbers:

Since the lottery is random, if a number has not come out for a while then the cold number theory states that the cold numbers will come out since all number will even out. For example in a 6 from 49 draw each number each number could be expected to appear 12.24 times. If a number or numbers is well below this average then start backing them.

Syndicate playing:

You can improve your chances by being a member for as many syndicates as possible. If your in a syndicate basically you are pooling your resources. Therefore being a member of a number of syndicates will increase your chances as each syndicates will also have a different system for picking numbers.

Buying Colours:

If you like betting on lottery numbers in the bookies then try and bet the colours as opposed for going for individual numbers. The reason for this is that sometimes numbers come out in sequence and if you hit it right you can get 4 or 5 numbers in your colours. Since in the bookies you can take a price this will give you a chance of making big bucks on getting 4 or 5 out of six or seven numbers. You may not win the jackpot but at least you will get a big return.