Soccer – Both Teams To Score

In the English Premier division there is a current return of almost 60% of matches, in which both teams score. So we can expect to find 6 matches ending thus over any weekend or midweek programme, over an average number of games. So we must look for the sides which appear to be goal-shy. At either end of the pitch. Then we forget about them and concentrate on the rest.

A good guide to future outcomes will be to look at up and coming fixtures and note how many games any of the paired sides have returned so far this season.
Another good indicator may well be to add together the total goals, for and against, for the two teams in any match. The higher totals would be well worth considering from a punting point of view.

There will, of course, be occasions when a team with a high for and against figure will be playing a team with a much lower totals figure. This will always prove to be a bit of a headache. Teams like Stoke, at home, are difficult to score against. Even for free-scoring teams. This type of game is best left to just watch and learn.