Greyhound Laying System

This is a system designed for UK based greyhound BAGS meetings.

To do this system it employs the Martingale system 111,222,333.

Lay the 3 favourites in a race and keep on doing so until you get a winner. The prices of the lay is usually 3/1 or less so the combined prices will be usually less than evens. You may need to have a trading system and there are many free ones out there to chose.

When you have chosen your trading software take the first 3 in the bookies betting and lay them. If the first race does not give you a winner do it for the same stake on the next race. If you still do not get a return carry on for a third time.

If you do not earn on that race, double up your stake on the fourth race. keep until the sixth race if you do not get a winner. After the sixth race if you do not get a winner, then treple your initial stake to 3.

You will ususally get a return within nine races. Once you’ve got a winner go back to the initial stake and start again.