A System For EPL Correct Score Betting

With the English Premier League about to start, here is a relatively inexpensive bet you can put on which will give you nice results. 

First pick home teams that are not red hot favourite to win. Teams that are around 4/5, 8/11 mark. Then, choose the team that score goals but also let in goals.

Then put those teams in a perm for doubles to win 2 – 1. So if you find 17 teams that fit the bill place them in a perm of any 2 from 17 which would work out as 136 doubles.

Place a stake of 10p and your total bet will be £13.60. Since the odds are usually 9/1 you will be getting 99/1 for a double. If you get 3 you will get £30 return. It is surprising how many times teams win 2/1 so you are likely to get most of your many back and every few weeks make a nice tidy profit when 3 or more matches end 2 – 1.

There are variances in choose of teams to win and predicting the score, however, it is also clear that following this plan over several months and seasons you will get a good return on investments.