The US Value System

The concept of US value systems to sports handicappers means that taking the team the public is against and looking at its value. The idea is very simple. If everybody is on Team A, the bookies will shade the line on Team A such that there is more value to be had on Team B. Of course this does not work all of the time but there are definitely instances where this works great and we provide with you fundamental concept of how this works for all of the sports.

NFL Football
Monday Night games are the most bet on and most watched of all the games during the week. The increased amount of  stats on the Monday Night games has historically shaded the line against the public and favors the value player.

NBA Basketball
Betting the value postion in basketball usually involves another key handicapping angle like the bounce back angle or even the revenge angle. For example, the betting public might have seen Team A beat Team B by over 20 points in their previous matchup and bet Team A heavily. Team B will not only have value in the spread but will also be more motivated from the loss to perform well as being on TV and losing badly is not good for their image.

MLB Baseball
When speaking of value systems in baseball, I always assume underdog systems. The public loves systems favorites and it is no different in baseball. Underdogs have very great advantages when their offenses are playing well and/or they are great winning streaks.