Laying The Soccer Draw

This system involves laying the draw in matches in which the teams playing are averaging over 1.5 goals per game. Ideally you want the teams that like to score or let in early goals. The system is easy and can make a lot of profit.

Say the draw is 3.5 to bet and 3.6 to lay. Lay the draw on the betting exchanges and wait until one of the teams score. If any of the teams score a goal, wait 1/2 a minute and then back them at the higher price, locking in profits. But sometimes you may have to be quick if it is a weaker side as rational return to betting markets and the price may not move to the higher rate quickly.

This is a system that is well tried and tested, but football has a nasty habit of doubling back and biting you on your bum – metaphorically speaking – so make sure you do this as a trading option and do not get roped into the emotions of the game and wait until you get an even bigger price.

The biggest problem with this bet is the 0 – 0 draws which can be very frustrating. Some punters are known to include the 0 – 0 in their calculations and thereby getting a big price on the exchanges, obviously writing off the bet if a team scores. However, the o – o bet can also offer a trading situation especially when the game has 5 or 10 minutes to go and the punters who like to take the price on a short favourite’s  pile into the 0 – 0 score line.