Dragon Options website new look increases traders engagement.

Dragon Options, a leading Binary Options trading platform, have launched a website
facelift with improved user experience and high-end design, that already increased
user engagement parameters and conversion.

Due to increasing need to simplify Binary Options trading, Dragon Options created a new
and refreshed look & feel website, including easy navigation, new pages, features and online
training information. The websites new look increased engagement parameters such as
Pageviews (88%), pages per visit (65%) and Average Visit Duration (104%).
These parameters indicate more trading focused visitors that are interested in Binary Options.
The conversion increase (27%) is an indicator for better user experience within the website.

This is another step in improving the Dragon Options experience for traders and affiliates,
after launching the new Dragon Options affiliate program, few months ago.

Binary Options trading is a new, exciting and profitable way to trade online today.
That’s probably why Binary options are becoming one of the most popular online trading
tools. Trading Binary Options can generate up to 80% profit on an Investment.

“We believe that providing the traders with a better User experience has a huge impact on
his Trading. That’s why we strive to improve our communications with our clients to create
an easier and more educated trading experience.” says Moti Rivlin, co-founder and CEO of
Dragon Options.

About Dragon Options

Dragon Options is the brainchild of a dedicated team of experienced traders, risk
management and technology. Dragon Options offers clients an intuitive and simple
trading platform to trade all leading financial markets including Stocks, Indices, Forex and

For more information about Dragon Options platform, please contact us at
support@dragonoptions.com or visit our website: http://www.dragonoptions.com

To join Dragon options affiliate program please visit us at: http://affiliates.dragonoptions.com/